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August 20, 2007


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The most difficult thing is not feeling completely out of place when you re-enter an environment that you've been out of for years. It's really helpful to talk to other people who can understand you so you don't feel like your thoughts, behaviors, interactions and dates(!) are abnormal. A lot of women (and men) have discussed divorce and marital challenges as well as dating on the Experience Project ( Check it out-- it's an online community around many topics, especially those in the health and relationships areas. It's really wonderful to read others stories that are candid and unfiltered and real. It's the kind of stuff everyone faces and no one discusses!

Asian Dating

Dating is fun. Dating gives you an opportunity to select your life-partner. It also needs lot of skills to succeed. Once you learn that art, you can proceed cheerfully to date and get a partner with whom you will be happy.

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