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September 19, 2007


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Rowan Gaytes

Or if you want cash for your wedding dress you can easily sell it on - it only took me two weeks! : )

Terri Matheis

I would like to thank the author of this blog for bringing attention to this worthy cause!! I am SO surprised...

Just to let you know, so far 31 BEAUTIFUL wedding gowns (that I am aware of) have been donated, by members of, to Breast Cancer Awareness. Good Morning America will be showing off some of the gowns on their October 4th program. Please watch...I think it will give us all goosebumps.

All donations receive a total tax write off for the value of the dress which can far exceed $15 in a garage sale! It is a win/win for everybody.

Thank you, thank you. Please email me at and identify yourself!


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