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March 12, 2008


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Why do wives stay after husband has several affairs. There are no children. They have been married 23 years. Both have high powered jobs, two homes in Laguna Niguel and Bullhead City AZ. I was the other woman, but stopped when I found out he ad not told the truth about a divorce. He also had a mistress of 10 years in another state. He also had ads on gay men's site. So is it money that is keeping his wife in the marriage. Who knows. On my blog I write about my feelings.


A very wise doctor once said to me after my ex husband left - a man will do ANYTHING for sex and a women will do ANYTHING for money (read security, status, stability). i wish for one day i could be a man adn experience what having a penis is like - i can imagine that must be a very present reminder of such basic human needs. I see things very differently now and just don't ask the question why. It is what it is. We may be refined and evolved, but our inner animals are stil guiding our actions and thoughts.




I enjoy reading your posts, I am trying very hard to not be bitter in my own contentious divorce. My email has been hacked and my identity stolen. It's a difficult path......

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