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March 25, 2008


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men shouldn't cheat on anyone, whether beautiful or not. but that depends. if you are beautiful and wonderful, i feel sorry for you. but let's be honest. most ppl who spend such a vast amount of time on looks, make-up, clothes (b/c beauty takes effort) might be tempted not to develop other aspects of their character. and then, once you know you can nail her, see ya. most men have a huge ego, and if that is stroked by having a good looking wife....he wonders how many other hot women he can nail in his conquest. who want's one hot person when you can have 2, 3, 4, 5? i totally get it. if i was a guy surrounded by so many vapid, shallow, women, i'd nail them and leave them, even if i had a wife.


i totally agree with this above post.

plus....she has kids, is middle aged. who wants a relatively beautiful 40 something with kids, strechmarks, and a small you know what that isn't pleasurable....

when you can have a beautiful 20 something/ early 30 something with no stretch marks, and not all...well...stretched from child birth.

and honestly, not so much swank and reese since fr. what i've seen they seem pleasant....but a lot of women cheated on are not.

if i was a guy i use them for 15 years and dump them for a new one too. there are very few 1st wives that elicit my sympathy.

that's why so many women are "miserable". once you get fat or the crow's feet hit, he doesn't kiss their ass anymore. and they don't know how to handle life without using appearance to have their ass kissed.

lost a lot of weight. so i know!!!!

read this website's abstract. scroll down.

men who teach high school and college are more likely to be divorced....


Wow. Whatever happened to loving a person. I mean person. Get over yourselves and know that one day you will be old and saggy. Loose balls and all. Maybe the women vie for you know because they have pure hearts and want to be loved. Let's face it. One day you will need Viagra narcassists. Lol

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You are right, if you look at cheaters later in life, I wonder how many feel they did the right thing. Once they start becoming aware of their own aging. That would be an interesting survey if you could get them to be honest.


It's the old "thrill of the chase." Haven't you ever wanted something so bad that you worked for months to get it, and then after a while it got boring and tiresome and you then wanted something else? Shallow, yes. Human, yes. The wanting and anticipation are often better than the getting, in relationships too. Beautiful women are also human. When the makeup and the spotlight go off they become, bingo!, people, with irritations and flaws and they have to use the bathroom too. Imagine that. The facade of perfection is just that. A facade.

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Thank you so much for bringing up this its so informative still wondering why men cheat on beautiful women.



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completely agree its the thrill of the chase, im a beautiful intelligent, independant woman n i know if a guy steps outa line he is gone from my life, so how do i get a guy to know this? i never seem needy, i have my own life away from him & let him know i rely on my own self worth rather than his attension, with his perserverence n your patience to him pulling away after the crutial "honeymoon stage" he will always love you, but treat him like a "man" n compliment his manly qualities n his compliments, always look at the big picture on his last day on earth in his mind would u rather see yourself as his "the one that got away"/the girl he didnt take disrespect from OR the girl he once loved but turned out to be too much of a headache/his crazy psycho stalker lol ;)

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