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March 15, 2009


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Jennifer Broadley

I have different successful tips for the divorce recovery.
I’m Jennifer Broadley and I’m here to bring you dynamic information and support on Divorce Recovery,Divorce effects on children and divorce information.

How to be a winning single parent, with strong, respectful relationships with your children and a comfortable, working relationship with your ex-partner is also an issue after you got divorced.
I will provide the great information and tips about all that.
Thanks and Please visit:

Breakingup Coping and Healing

Thank you for your guideline. I would like to share some tips for healing a broken heart.

• Stop dwelling in the past
• Stop hoping your ex will come back after the break up
• Keep yourself busy
• Love yourself more
• Don’t hold back the sad emotions
• Get professional help, if necessary
• Avoid your ex's online social life
• Avoid communication with your ex
• Avoid communication with your ex

Money and Relationships

Relationships are quite complicated one has to face when in trouble, but it's also not as bad as one would be led to believe in it.Just try to brush away all those misunderstandings and believe in the fact of making-up that relationship all you have to do is to start knowing what really went wrong and what made two humans who loved each other in depth to part their ways, is it because of money mis-management or something else . You can always find the answer here.

Money and Relationships

Jamie London

These posts are great, really insightful and entertaining. Going through a break up is never easy and any reasonable relationship break up advice for those in "the situation" is worthwhile. The bottom line is, you have to be true to yourself. Is the relationship over? If so, take care of yourself and move on. If not, give it all you've got.

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