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December 06, 2010


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Ed the California Divorce Attorney

Doubt is a feeling many divorced individuals deal with, true.

The quotes you shared are wonderful! I will make sure to link this post on my blog so that my readers will be able to read these insightful quotes.

Great blog post! I bookmarked this on StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit and Google bookmarks.

On another note, I hope you can read my article "California Divorce Mediation", which you can visit by going to this link: While we're on the topic of doubt, many people seem to doubt participating in mediation.

Thanks you so much and I'm looking forward to more blog posts.

margaret manning

thank you for your comment Ed - perhaps you'd like to write an article for the blog - welcome your submission - send to


If you want to learn more about this topic and other tactics for women in divorce consider reading Divorce-Money Matters, A Planning Guide For Women on Financial Matters Contemplating or in Divorce by L. Burke Files. It is a great resource with no nonsense.

Virginia Divorce Lawyers

The biggest thing in marriage besides love is honesty and respect. This guy is giving a patch job, while what you really need is a brand new way of doing things. I new way to relate, and a new way of living your own life and how you perceive things. If both aren't willing to eventually do this, and work together, then there isn't much hope. One person can go to save the marriage with a new approach and lots of delving into marital self help type books, by the better renowned trusted authors. In the end though you are bringing them around to the ultimate goal of working it out together. Lots of marital therapy should follow. It is normal even for divorced people to doubt and question couples on the verge of divorcing. Separation usually connotes negative views because it is - divorce is a fruit of a failed marriage. However, with better understanding of the situation, people will understand divorce and accept it as what it is. It may be the fault of the other or both, but divorce is for the best in this case.


I believe that having a divorce with someone you love needs should be well decided considering most of the time we came to realize the value of the person when its too late, when it could have been better when you have given all your effort to cope with your marriage. But whenever you have reason that is worth to live her or him then you will definitely wont regret at all. Feel free to visit for more information about the laws on divorce.

Find divorce lawyer

For whatever reason, both parties should respect each others decision. Awkwardness is at present but you have to be open.


Doubt is just one of many feelings that will arise after a divorce.But with perseverance and a positive outlook in life,we can erase that doubt and live our life once more.:D

Utah Divorce Attorney

It's a great post. I like your optimism towards life.

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