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December 2010

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December 16, 2010


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It is great that you are focusing on how to deal and move on from a divorce. Great suggestions.

Family Law

Undergoing a divorce trial can be really tough, not just for the couple but also for the children. One thing you should do is to talk to your children, make sure they are okay and they are doing well despite the divorce. After that, you should start working on yourself again, and enjoy the beauty of life.

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That's rite enjoy your single life!!


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Live your life the fullest.Move on.


How to get through this? My husband is using the divorce to control me, on top of the abuse, rape, and mental torture I've already suffered at his hand. I want to be rid of him but what do the courts know about it. I paid for every cent of the house that my husband kicked me out of. The courts granted him use of it despite me submitting irrefutable evidence that I paid for it:

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Having been through a break up myself. I can only say that the only person who benefits out of a divorce is the solicitor, espcially if your relationship is not an amicable one, you will spend loads on solicitors letters. If you don't have to divorce, then don't, unless you are wanting to get remarried and can do it on the cheap.

Utah Divorce Attorney

Great post. Divorce is hard and painful but it leaves you stronger at the end.

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